Research in NanoMaMa Lab

In my research, I try to identify and understand the impact that nano-scaled dimensions have on material properties, and to use such insights to adapt and affect the design and engineering of advanced materials, surfaces and processes that may lead to valuable products.

Currently, I am involved in research directed towards (i) polymer nanocomposites, (ii) electrospinning and (iii) supersolvophobic surfaces. Previously, my work studied the size effects in heterogeneous catalysis and the properties of vacuum-deposited thin films.

My collaborators and I have prepared and tested various functional and structural nanocomposites with matrices polymers of different kind, but mainly biodegradable ones and reinforcements nanoparticles of spherical, tubular and disk (platelet-like) form with the silicate clays most frequently used and studied. In addition, I have researched the electrospinning of biodegradable polymers and the easy and economical fabrication of superhydrophobic coatings that consist of a methacrylic fluoropolymer or a fluorinated siloxane and nanoparticles.

Due to concerns about the environment, my work follows “green” routes of preparation as much as it is possible and looks for alternative methods that contribute to environmental sustainability. Moreover, I apply the Design of Experiments (DoE) statistical methodology to assess the whole picture and understand a phenomenon.


The image on the right side shows my research graphically.

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